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16 April 2015

I have had to change my blog provider. I found out that blogger (owned by Google) holds the rights to my photos and words and I don't want them owning what is rightfully mine. Anyway my new blog is up, with 2 posts at https://purpletortoisecards.wordpress.com/

Purple Tortoise Cards

25 July 2015

The finished card I made, the stork is hand cut 😊

19 July 2015

I have spent about 6 hours cutting my first ever hand cut paper cut today. My thumb, index and middle fingers are blistered, but it was worth it :) the cut is finished :) going to add some finishing touches tomorrow, then look at getting a box frame...  

10 April 2015

Here is my new blog and the first post is up :) http://purpletortoisecards.blogspot.co.uk/
Please check it out....

Purple Tortoise

Purple Tortoise

9 April 2015
Purple Tortoise

Purple Tortoise

You changed your profile picture.

9 April 2015

You updated your cover photo.

28 November 2014

I got my lightbox!!! I am going to have a play, tips on use would be great to find!! All the new pics will be here soon!! xx

18 November 2014

Revamp on the way. I am going to be retaking pics of everything I have for sale!! And hopefully a re-brand :)

18 November 2014

Holly's Cards and Crafts posted an offer.

14 November 2014

Adjustable Paper Rose Ring.

These are on a silver coloured ring base.

Is there a particular book you would like to have your ring to be made from? These can be made to your specifications. Also can be varnished.

£5 including UK P&P 😊

9 November 2014

Holly's Cards and Crafts shared Top It All's status update.

Top It All

Top It All